To:  Greer Band Students and Parents

From:  Jeff Norman

Re:  Clinton vs. Greer High Football Game

Date:  August 29, 2014


Dear Students and Parents,

 Below please find information pertaining to our first football game of the season.

  5:15 p.m.  Band room available for students to begin arriving

  5:20 p.m.  Begin loading front ensemble, battery and tubas on truck

  5:30 p.m.  All band members in bandroom  (already dressed)                                                                                   6:00        p.m.  Depart for Stadium

  6:15 p.m.  Arrive at Stadium and unload and begin warm-up

  6:55 p.m.  March into the stadium and prepare for pre-game

  7:10 p.m.  Pre-game (Star Spangled Banner, Alma Mater, Fight Song)

  7:30 p.m.  KICKOFF – GO JACKETS!!!!!!!!

10:15 p.m.  Depart for Greer

10:30 p.m.  Arrive at Greer High – unload equipment and place in proper areas

11:00 pm.  GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. All instruments with exception on tubas should go on the buses.
  2. Reed players please make sure you have extra reeds with you.
  3. Girls and Boys will not be permitted to sit together.
  4. When we pull out, students will remain quiet until directed by their chaperone or bus captain.  When we arrive at the site, students will remain quiet from the time the facility is in sight until directed by their chaperone or bus captain.
  5. Anytime the buses are in motion, students are expected to be in their seats.  Noise should never interfere with the driver’s ability to concentrate on his/her job.
  6. All Greenville County and Greer High school policies will be enforced.


  1. Food nor drinks will be  allowed on buses
  2. Students are to remain with the band and in your seat the entire game.
  3. Should you have to go to the restroom, you will be escorted by a chaperone
  4. Always thank your drivers and chaperones for their time and efforts
  5. All students will ride the bus to every event.  Students may ride home with parents from an event under the following conditions:
    1. The parent taking a child home has legal custody and is permitted to do so by law
    2. A written note has been given to the director of bands  prior to departure from school
    3. The director  has to see the parent and student together before leaving
    4. Students may not ride home with anyone other than their parents or legal guardian                                            (No boyfriends/girlfriends or just plain friends.)  DON’T ASK!!!!!!!!!
  6. Students need to bring money for food
  7. Dress:  Summer Band Uniform – To be announced on Thursday afternoon.



With the addition of the vehicle security enclosure, parking is extremely limited behind the school.  I am asking that all parents please plan to park in a official parking place when coming to pick up your child.  This will aid in relieving the congestion problems we have had in the past.   The buses and the equipment trailers will need to have access to the area immediately outside the band room for the unloading of students and equipment.  It is for their safety as well as yours that I ask this request.  In addition to our buses returning from the stadium, the team buses will also be returning and will need access to the parking lot for unloading as well.  I will ask band students that drive to use the upper parking spaces at the middle school to park.  I ask for your patience in this matter as it may be extremely congested on Friday.    

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I want to thank all the parents,relatives and friends for attending our Greer Band exhibition tonight.  It is with your continued support that our students continue to strive for excellence.  I also want to thank the great team of instructors that have shared their expertise with our students over the past 3 weeks in helping reach their first goal of performance.  Finally, and most important of all, I want to thank the band members for their hard work over the past 3 weeks.  The band is definitely off to a great start.  I appreciate the drive, enthusiasm and perseverance each of you have all displayed over the weeks thus far.  Just remember however, it is only the beginning.  As we prepare to start another school year, you will need to rededicate yourself to the ideas of this band program.  2014 is off to a tremendous start and it is up to all of us to continue on the path of success..


Mr. Norman

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2014 Band Camp Exhibition

We hope you will join us on Friday, August 15th, as the 2014 edition of the Greer Marching band presents its first public performance. The program will begin at 6:30 pm in the commons with the colorguard then move inside with the winds and percussion. Below please see a schedule of events.

“G” Force Exhibition
Exhibition begins with Colorguard in commons area
Move into Auditorium
Introduction of the following
A. Teaching instructors
B. Student Leadership
C. Seniors

Wind and Percussion Players Perform
Ending Comments

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Upcoming Schedule

Band camp goes to evenings this week:  4-8 Tuesday, OFF on Wednesday and Thursday (this is a change), and 4-7:30 Friday, with a parent demo at 6:30.  Come out and see what the band has been working so hard on these past few weeks.

Next week they start the after-school practice schedule, 4:15-7 on Tuesday & Thursday, so the kids should bring everything to school that they will need for practice afterwards (comfy clothes & shoes, snacks, drinks, & any equipment).  The following week they will begin the regular Mon-Tue-Thur practice schedule, with games on Fridays.

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Band Camp, Week 3

The Band will provide lunch this week on Monday only, this will be a Mexican meal and you will need to pack dinner for Monday night. Also, for the remainder of the week, please make sure to eat before you come to practice in the evening. Remember to bring your water coolers and some chip/crackers for break time.

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Booster Meeting Tuesday, August 4

We will have our first Band Booster Meeting on Tuesday, August 5, at 7:00 pm in the GHS auditorium.

Please plan to attend as we have an updated information packet for each student that must be signed for and picked up by a parent. Also, we will begin our World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser. Parents may pick up and sign out a box at that time as well.

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Menu for Week 2

The band will provide lunch this week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Below is the menu for this week:

Monday: Pizza Hut, chips, dessert and drinks
Tuesday: Substation Subs, chips, dessert and drinks
Thursday: Spaghetti, salad, dessert and drinks

Please remember that you will need to bring dinner for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Also, you will need to bring lunch for Wednesday and Friday.

Have a great week! It’s All About the “G”!!!!

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Uniform Fitting Day

Don’t forget uniform fitting day this Saturday, August 2, in the bandroom.

9:00 – 11:00 Front Ensemble
11:00 – 12:30 Battery & Color Guard
1:00 – 3:00 Brass
3:00 – 5:00 Clarinet, Flute, Sax

Students will be fitted for
– Warm Weather Uniform (casual)
– Formal Uniform (jackets, bibbers, gauntlets, hats, gloves, shoes)

Shoe orders will be taken that day. There will be shoes here for your student to try for correct size. Cost of new shoes is $40.00. Shoes must be paid for before order is placed.
Note: We have a bin of shoes that have been used by former members. Students are welcome to go to the bin and try to find a pair they can use for no cost.

Here is the detailed handout that students should have received on Monday:

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The Greer Band will begin its 2014 band camp on Monday, July 28th. Please be reminded of the following things:
1. Drink plenty of water and bring an “individual” water cooler for your use
2. Apply sunscreen if needed
3. Bring snacks to have during morning and afternoon breaks
4. Bring all paper work to turn in to booster members
5. Eat a sensible breakfast before coming to school each day. HYDRATE!!!
6. Wear a hat outside (don’t be a hero)
7. Dress appropriately for rehearsals
8. Wear shoes and socks
9. Lunch will be served on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. Students will need
to bring dinner on those days. Students will also need to bring lunch on Wednesday
and Friday.
10. Once students arrive on campus they will not be permitted to leave until camp is
over. Please plan accordingly!!!!

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Greer High and Woodmont High Band Students and Parents,
Explanation of Event:
DCI’s World Class corps will head indoors to the Georgia Dome when the 2014 Drum Corps International Tour returns to Atlanta this year on Saturday, July 26. As one of the most popular and best-attended events of the entire summer season, the DCI Southeastern Championship will be one of the only times before the World Championships in Indianapolis that all of DCI’s World Class corps compete head-to-head. 24 corps will be performing…
DCI is to the marching activity as the Superbowl is to Football.
It is Marching Music’s Major League.
For further information please go to to find out more information.
Tentative Schedule
7:30 am – Greer High Students arrive w/parent to sign permission slip
7:45 am – Bus #1 Arrive @ Greer High School – Load Bus
8:00 am – Depart Greer High School via charter bus
8:15 am – Bus #2 – Pick arrive at Woodmont High School
8:30 am – Bus #2 departs for Discover Mills Mall
10:30 am – Both Buses arrive at Discover Mills Mall (eat lunch)
12:00 pm – Report back to appropriate bus
12:15 pm – Depart Mall for Georgia Dome
1:00 pm – Buses arrive at Georgia Dome
2:30 pm – Show begins
11:00 pm – Show Ends
11:30 pm – Depart for Home
1:45 am – Approximate time Bus #2 to Arrive at Woodmont High School
2:15 am – Approximate time Bus #1 to arrive at Greer High for Greer
***Students will need to bring money for lunch, dinner, souvenirs etc.

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